About Jaiyen

Meet photographer & videographer, David Foster.

Jaiyen Digital Media is the collection of works by photographer & videographer David Foster.

David was born in California into an entertainment family.  His mother is a gifted artist, his father a successful producer of television and stage productions. David is also the eldest grandson of singer Peggy Lee.

Like most of his family, David has worked all his life in the entertainment & production industry.

“Photography has always been a big part of my life – I am almost never without a camera.” says David.

For the last several years David been the senior partner a digital signage firm, creating video and still content for corporate clients.

In 2011 decided to split his time between Las Vegas, NV and Thailand.  While still producing content for our digital signage clients from abroad, David is also hoping to accept more freelance assignments and work within Southeast Asia and the USA.


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